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5 Useful Web Design Tips for Your Business

Web Design Tips

How Do You Know Your Web Design Service was Done Well?

The saying “a website will not meet the needs of the owner unless it meets the needs of the targeted users” is 100% true. 

Chances are you are about to create a website or looking to improve an existing one. One thing you ought to understand is that your site is the face of your business, and therefore, serious consideration of web design is inevitable. 

Effective web design is not just about the visual aspects. Balancing aesthetics and usability is essential.

A good design guarantees better conversions, higher rankings on SERPs, and more visibility. To create that harmony between the elements and functionality, keep in mind the following top principles of good web design.

Simplicity is Key

A website with too many elements is difficult to navigate and easily distracts visitors from their objective. Besides, loading such a site takes time, and this may frustrate potential clients. Undoubtedly, bounce rates will be higher.

Contrarily, a site with a simple design is more appealing and allows for seamless navigation. This way, you create an incredible user experience, making the users interact with your site longer. 

Be sure to remove unnecessary navigation options, while ensuring that no element is hindering the clarity of your message. It could be as simple as removing or toning down a background image that’s blocking the visibility of your text. 

Pay Extra Attention to Visual Hierarchy

You cannot afford to underestimate the implication of visual hierarchy (arranging elements in order of significance) to web design. Use different sized elements to focus visitor’s attention on a particular part of your site. A larger element will draw more attention than a smaller element.

Use colors to bring out an emotional appeal on your website. With bright colors, you can make critical features such as a call to action or contact button more prominent.  By contrasting colors and sizes of elements, you can shift attention to more important areas. 

Keep in mind that strategic placement of elements augments the visual appeal of your site while negative spaces (white spaces) enhances elegance, making things flow smoothly on your website.

Flawless Communication

Communication goes hand in hand with typography when it comes to effective web design. Users visit your site to be informed. You want to ensure that your website communicates effectively to reduce the bounce rate and engage more with your visitors. 

Use heading and subheading in your content while creating lists to minimize long sentences. This eases reading and makes the content organization more appealing. Don’t forget to optimize your content with metadata, keywords, and other elements of SEO.

Pay attention to your fonts. They should be easily readable and visually appealing.


The loading speed of a site is a vital influencer of the bounce rate. No user wants to associate with a site that takes forever to load. However, there are several ways to ensure that your website loads faster, contributing to appreciable user experience. 

Use online compression tools to remove unnecessary characters, line breaks, and spaces from your HTML and CSS code to fasten parsing, downloading, and execution of requests. Also, remove outdated, non-functional, and duplicate plugins and optimize the images (without compromising the quality) for quick loading. 

Other ways to improve performance include combining several images in a page into CSS sprites, fixing broken links, and leveraging browser caching.


The majority number of internet users surfs the web using their mobile phones. So, making a site mobile-friendly remains a top priority in web design. Failure to optimize your site for phablets, tablets, and phones is a sure way to losing the war to your competitors. 

Rebuild your site in an adaptive layout, making it easy to adjust to different screen sizes. Rather than optimizing your existing site, you can consider creating a dedicated mobile website (separate site tailored to mobile users)

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Building a responsive, appealing, and functional website shouldn’t be a hassle anymore once you start implementing the above principles of good web design. They lay a strong foundation for an interactive site that keeps visitors longer, increase followers, and heighten conversion rates. 

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