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5 Text Messaging Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid Now

If you are looking to engage more with your customers and enhance your sales, text message marketing could be the best place to start. SMS campaigns are easy to deploy and can help you reach your targets directly and quickly. 

Nonetheless, it’s easy to misuse text, and it may be challenging to realize that you are making mistakes that could be costing you incredible sales. Whether you are running an SMS campaign or about to start one, be sure to avoid these five mistakes.

Not Personalizing Your Messages

Text message marketing provides an intimate way of engaging with your targets. However, a common mistake made by several businesses is treating their recipients like a mass audience. 

You want to personalize your messages to make your recipients feel special, increase the level of engagement, improve user experience, and increase brand loyalty and sales.

Take time to segment your list, paying attention to metrics such as location, age, and interests. This enables you to customize offers to a particular segment while incorporating the recipients’ names in the texts. The last thing you want is to send unrelated offers and information to a segment interested in different products and services.

Sending Excess or Few Messages

There is no one-size-fits-all messaging schedule, and determining the appropriate messaging frequency for your business can be tricky. You want to avoid sending too many texts that don’t provide value to your recipients or too few texts that hamper the chance of building a meaningful relationship with your list.

To find the appropriate messaging frequency, keep in mind the following tips;

Work on messaging schedule: Set a maximum of three days, evenly spread throughout the week, on which you would like to send messages to your contacts. This way, you continuously remind your recipients about your brand without being nagging.

Avoid sending an overly long text that exceeds the 160-character limit. 

Ensure that every message offers value before hitting the send button.

Not Including a CTA

Text message marketing can be more interactive than several alternative techniques, but plenty of business owners fail to recognize this perk and act accordingly.

Even as you look to personalize your texts, the failure to incorporate a call to action(CTA) is a sure way of devaluing their marketing power.

The CTA should trigger your audience to take action; otherwise, your messages will pass as friendly chats. Change your call to actions regularly to determine the more converting ones and always request the assistance of a third party to determine whether the CTAs are noticeable and interactive.

Wrong Timing

Sending promotional texts at the wrong time guarantees zero sales action and deletion. When it comes to determining the right time to send messages to your targets, consider when they need the product and service most or when they are relaxed enough to engage with your text.

However, timing may vary from business to business. For some enterprises, the best time to send texts is 7-9 pm when most people are away from work and relaxed at their homes.

They are more likely to act at this time than during the morning or midday when they are probably worked up or busy sorting some things at work.

Other businesses are likely to quickly get responses to texts sent in the morning, midday or night. For instance, sending a message for a clothing store sale at 10 pm is a waste of time, but the case is different for a nightclub.

Sending Unclear Texts

The temptations of incorporating slangs and abbreviations to fit your message into the 160-character limit are high. However, this may not auger well with your contacts. Not everyone may be familiar with the short forms, and this hinders the texts from serving their intended purpose.

Always use full words or well-known abbreviations, ensuring that the texts are concise and clear. The key to engaging your list through texts is using easy-to-understand terms to communicate your offers and information.

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Text message marketing has the monumental power to engage recipients, convert them into customers, and increase sales. Nonetheless, the above mistakes can significantly hamper your sales volume. Be sure to avoid them in your next SMS campaign, and if you are running one already, it’s not too late to make the necessary corrections. 

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