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6 Value-Added Services by Orange County Website Designer

Hiring the right website designer is important, you do not want a website design agency that is not experienced as that can hurt your business.

You know pretty well the need to have a well-designed website for your online business in Orange County. But you don’t just want a website; you want some other somewhat related services. 

But you are of not sure of the types of value-added services that you can get from your website designer in Orange County.

Types of Value-Added Services by Orange County Website Designer

If you get a reputable web development company like Orange County website designer, you can easily enjoy additional value-adding services to your web design efforts. 

Some of the custom-made services you can get from us include:

Analytics Interpretation and Reporting

Web analytics are an invaluable part of decision making. These analytics provide you with site visitors’ data, which you can then use to optimize the content based on what interests the users. 

Although your site design incorporates web analytics in place and appropriate tracking of the site’s usage, it can take a lot of your time to review the analytics. Remember, you’ll also need to interpret and give meaning to the analytics if they are to be of any use to the business.

We can help you create and interpret the reports and even make suggestions for site improvement based on the data collected.

Competition Monitoring

Regardless of the industry, you are in, you have competitors online. Every day there are new entrants in your business niche, and established eCommerce companies and established brands are reaching out. 

You might find it worthwhile to have a website designer who can keep an eye on our competitors’ sites. Doing so helps you stay abreast of what competition is doing and especially if what they are doing can impact your business. 

Blog Customization / Management

Your blogs have to be consistent with your brand. Our expert team of website designers can help you to carry over the same look created on your website. We help you publish our posts and the blog to directories, manage comments, and even promote blog linking.

All these blog-related activities have to bear the brand in mind. A DIY approach can easily mess up your brand identity unless you do the execution carefully and expertly like a pro. 

Sales Presentation Development

You might be having a sales team that nevertheless wants to use your website as a visual aid in sales presentations, but they fear they might be spotty for the meeting. It’s easy to solve this. 

You can hire the services of Orange County Website designer to translate your website into an auto-run demo and conveniently burn it to a DVD. This service gives your sales team an offline solution and, of course, a stream of leave-behind for your prospects.

Website Maintenance

Web maintenance is one area that many web owners tend to forget. Many forget to update their websites. Ongoing support can include several services, such as:

  • Publishing and formatting your blog posts
  • Updating plugins
  • Small updates and fixes
  • Managing back-ups
  • Monthly reporting
HTML E-mail Template Design

If your business sends email marketing messages, you might be interested in having relevant email templates created for the business. 

Orange County Web Development produces email templates that support your brand by having the same look and feel as your website.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is increasingly changing the way businesses are interacting with their customers. A knowledgeable web designer is an asset when it comes to this aspect of your business.

Although some Software as a Service (Saas) companies can help you automate and systematize your marketing, lead generation, and CRM, you might still face significant challenges when you decide to head down this path.

The initial set up is tedious, time-consuming, and complicated. With the right web designer in Orange County, you can easily pass this task over to the designer and let this value-added service enrich your marketing endeavors.

If you are in Orange County, don’t just settle for a mediocre website; there are a host of other value-added services that you can get from your web design company. Contact us today

We listen to you and understand your requirements then we proceed to offer the best custom value-added service to your business website.

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