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6 Tips for a Custom Website Design

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Custom Website Optimized for SEO: 6 Tips to help your business

Developing a new custom website for your business in Orange County is one of the most significant business decisions you’ll ever make. Any company that lacks a compelling online presence is as good as non-existent. 

But you don’t just want any website; you want one that reflects and takes care of your unique requirements. Yes, you want a custom website designed to your specifications.

What is a Custom Website?

For starters, custom website design is created specifically for your business and brand to stand out from the competition. A custom website considers and is designed for all of your requirements. A custom website includes everything that goes into crafting a website that is unique to your brand and speaks to your target audience. The web designer creates this website from scratch with your business and its requirements in mind.

Designing a custom website is not a DIY project by any means. There’s a lot that goes into this website design and ensuring you have the right look and feel that speaks to your audience, which requires the insights and experience of a professional web design company in Orange County.

A professional web design company incorporates your requirements into the design and comes up with a one-of-its-kind website for your business.

Why optimize for SEO and Mobile?

The main reason why you choose to have a website is to have an online presence and, of course, attract traffic to your site and business. Search Engine Optimization ensures your website is ranked highly by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, among others.

While a well SEO-optimized website will enhance its ranking and hence the number of visitors to the site, more is still needed. Mobile devices are the leading sources of internet-based information. Millions of people turn to their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices when looking for information online.

If you have a custom web design that is not optimized for mobile devices, you lose a lot of potential visitors who would otherwise have visited your website. That is lost business.

Advantages of Custom Web Design in Orange County and LA

Working with a web design company in Orange County ensures your website doesn’t just look great but also does what you precisely want it to do. Your business reaps many benefits from a custom site optimized for mobile. Consider the following, to illustrate:

SEO- friendly

This site is search-engine friendly because, right from scratch, the designer builds it that way. You don’t have to develop a web site then try to optimize later. This fact ensures the site ranks high and starts to attract traffic as soon as the web developer hosts it. 


You expect your business to grow over time. When this growth materializes, your website is bound to expand accordingly. With a custom website, you can quickly scale up your site by adding new functionalities, new content, or new integration.


A credible web design company in Orange and LA should test your website on all major devices and browsers. This exercise is supposed to ensure that your site works for almost every customer out there.


Your web design company can easily make a responsive website. This responsive design allows the site to move, shrink, adjust itself, and do other similar tricks to make sure almost everyone can use the site irrespective of the type and size of the device they are using.


Nothing can be as frustrating to your customers as having to deal with a difficult-to-use website. A custom site design gives the web designer greater freedom to come up with a zero-frustration website.

Boosts Brand Awareness 

The totality of the positive experience that your prospects and current customers get from your custom website gives your brand a big boost. These visitors end up developing greater trust and confidence in your site and the products and/services you are selling.

A custom website optimized for mobile will correctly reflect the best attributes and features of your business. There’s only one way to get the best out of your website in Orange County and LA – hire the services of a reputable website design company.

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