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6 Signs you Hired a Powerful Orange County Marketing Consultant

Hiring the right Orange County marketing consultant for your business can be difficult. We provide some advice when looking to hire a marketing consultant to help with your business marketing needs.

Chances are you are seriously working towards the success of your enterprise and understand that digital marketing is no longer an option but a necessity in the modern business world. If so, you are on the right track.

So, you’ve hired a marketing consultant to increase the awareness of your brand, drive new leads to your site, and scale up your sales. Nonetheless, hiring a consultant that you think is great for your business is a half battle won. Getting the expected results is the other half. 

So how do you know that the marketing consultant you’ve hired is the right fit for your business? The following are the signs to watch out for.

Understands Your Business

Working with a niche market is a smart move, although not compulsory. You only need someone willing to get an in-depth perspective of your business. The right marketer will not move forward without gaining a deeper understanding of your industry and business. This way, can they only craft relevant marketing strategies.

It’s necessary to be on the same page with your Orange County marketing consultant, considering that you are going to have a long-term relationship. This can’t be achieved without the marketer having a good outlook on your venture.

Initial Audit of Your Online Presence

Before implementing strategies, a good digital marketing consultant will want to gauge the level of your digital presence. They will look into your involvement across various digital platforms, identifying weaknesses that could be hampering the success of your marketing strategies.

The consultant should carefully outline the findings and possible solutions in a comprehensive report. By identifying the areas to improve, you can form a good foundation for new and working techniques.

Strategy Proposal

A good marketing consultant will seek your opinion about the report.  They will keenly listen to you, noting your concerns and address them in line with the proposals. Following this, the professional will formulate strategies to grow your online presence and drive more conversions. 

Common strategies could be creating a mobile-friendly site, improving an existing website, reinventing your social media presence, and SEO. Be actively involved in the implementation so that you are continually updated with the progress.

Taps into Range of Platforms

An experienced Orange County marketing consultant knows that a business cannot rely on one platform to achieve an impressive online presence. However, it’s not about engaging in all digital platforms but carefully selecting the most suitable one for your business needs.

Some of the options a marketing consultant can consider are:

  • Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) 
  • Email marketing 
  • Video promotion
  • Paid adverts 
  • Website redesigning. 

The marketing consultant should perform optimally at the various platforms. 

Performance Tracking and Result Forecast

A good marketing consultant will not only execute strategies bit also track their performance. There is a plethora of marketing management and tracking tools that a marketing consultant can to forecast expected results while monitoring the performance of their efforts.

Tracking should be accompanied by regular (weekly or monthly) reports. By delving into the key performance indicators, the reports give you freeway to revisit the techniques, enhancing or eliminating them accordingly. 

Adaptive to Marketing Trends

Online marketing is continually changing, so you want to work with an expert that’s keen on learning and adapting to new marketing trends. Otherwise, you may find yourself edged out of the competition. 

It’s a requirement to implement strategies in line with Google policies, which get updated now and then. The right marketer will continuously undertake extensive research to uncover trends and updated algorithms. This way, you can avoid penalties and losing the battle to your competitors.

Consider Hiring Us!

This far, you already know whether the Orange County marketing consultant you’ve hired is the right choice for your business. Even though you are about to hire one, the above signs will help you distinguish between a good and ineffective marketing consultant for your business. All in all, you want an expert that will bring in more leads and sales. So be careful in your selection.

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