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5 Key Reasons to Hire Text to Call Services for Your Business

Reduced customer attention spans and the growing technologies are forcing businesses to look into a range of new marketing strategies, including mobile marketing. It’s due to this reason that text to call services are increasingly gaining momentum. Using this technology, you can effortlessly broadcast your pre-recorded messages to a massive number of business contacts via automated calls. 

Text to speech technology is quickly advancing to make it more human-like and less robot-like. The main goal is to improve clarity, pitch, and intonation to make it easier for call recipients to understand the broadcasted message. 

Undoubtedly, you are curious about the benefits of this service. Read on as this article guides you through the key perks of hiring a text to call service for your business.

Helps Reach a Broader Customer Base

You can relate to the hassles of hiring sales personnel to conduct door-to-door product or service marketing and surveys. The geographical restrictions and the nature of the marketing process inhibit the number of customers that can be reached via salespersons. Besides, your marketing team may not be able to reach their targets due to residential access policies. 

Nonetheless, text to call technology beats these restrictions, enabling you to reach thousands of contacts quickly and trigger action without manual intervention and excess workload. International calls in multiple languages can be automated, further allowing you to expand your reach.

Beats SMS Marketing Restrictions

One thing you will appreciate about automated call service is that it lacks the limitations associated with SMS marketing. When running SMS campaigns, you have to abide by several state messaging regulations and the 160-character limit. Undoubtedly, this hinders business owners from fully engaging with their contact lists, taking care not to send overly long messages or several messages.

By lacking such restrictions, text to speech services enables you to explore ways of customizing your calls while testing several options to identify the working and the non-performing ones.

Saves Time and Money

Imagine the workload and the amount of human and technological resources required to process thousands of calls. This is especially true if your company receives hundreds of calls from customers asking questions or requesting information about their account balances, your products, due payment dates, etc. Undoubtedly, connecting each of these calls to an agent is costly, time and energy-consuming, and hinders full customer satisfaction.

Contrarily, text to call service comes with a significant cost-saving benefit. By just uploading a contact list into software and scheduling call times, it becomes easy to trigger automated calls geared to inform your contacts about appointment dates, due invoices, or product promotion offers.

Quality Lead Generation

Text to call service can help generate quality leads for your business. Unlike emails and newsletters, which can be easily discarded or ignored, automated calls add a personal touch to your marketing strategy, making it hard for recipients to ignore them. Besides, you don’t have to worry about your contacts needing an internet connection to access your message. 

You can also qualify your leads through follow up calls whereby you start a relationship with leads interested in your products and services while deleting uninterested leads from your list. 

Easy to Track Campaign Performance

Text to speech technology incorporates customer relationship management tools that help analyze plenty of quantitative and qualitative aspects of call campaigns.

Using analytics dashboards, you can get an in-depth insight into each of the calls, quickly identifying calls directed to voicemail, answered calls, and invalid contacts in your list. Data on the activity and performance of agents, as well as several metrics, including hangup rates, success rates, and call duration, can be easily obtained. 

With constant performance reporting, you can track the progress of your campaign, determine the areas of weakness, and make appropriate adjustments. 


Any type and size of a company can benefit from text to call services. The automated calls technology helps businesses reach millions of customers effortlessly and at a less cost than most digital and traditional techniques. This way, you can be sure to increase your customer base, engage your leads more, and enjoy more profits. 

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