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4 Key Tips for a Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Importance of a Responsive Web Design 

In case you’ve not heard about responsive web design, you might be wondering what it’s all about and what value it can add to your business in Orange County.

What is Responsive Web Design?

The devices that your clients use to do online searches are not of the same size. Some use desktops, and others use laptops, tablets, and, most importantly, some use their smartphones. Even in each of these categories, the devices are not of the same size.

With that in mind, gone are the days when a majority of internet users in Orange County depended on fixed devices to log into the internet.

The popularization of mobile devices such as mobile phones and laptops has changed the internet surfing landscape and the accompanying approaches to web design.

Responsive web design is a way of crafting a website in such that it automatically scales its elements and content to match the screen size of the device that the visitor is using.

This type of responsive web design helps keep the images and content from being more massive than the width of the screen and saves your web visitors on mobile devices from the tedious task of scrolling further left or right to read the content.

Ultimately, the goal of responsive web design is to avoid unnecessary scrolling, re-sizing, zooming, or panning that happens with sites that are not optimized for a wide variety of devices.

If you have such a site that does not utilize the responsive design, it becomes challenging for your visitors to navigate.

This frustration is one sure way to achieve undesired results. Your site visitors are most likely going to take off in defeat – that translates to lost business. 

Why Invest in Responsive Design in Orange County

Increased Traffic

There’s no doubt about this; we, in Orange County, live in a multi-screen environment. People don’t just use desktops; they are using laptops, tablets, and smartphones to search for information on the internet.

The number of mobile viewers is increasing significantly; you can only miss out on this traffic at your peril. When your website has a responsive design, you reach all these users irrespective of the type and size of the device they use.


If a given marketing strategy is going to offer an increased Return on Investment (ROI), then it’s worth your investment.

One of the factors that affect the ROI is the magnitude of traffic on your website. It might be foolhardy to maintain separate websites for mobile and non-mobile audiences.

When you use a responsive design, you eliminate the cost of paying separately for these websites.

With a responsive design, you only invest in a single site but yet appeal to all visitors using any of the devices.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits

Lately, Google has incorporated the responsive design in its algorithm of measuring and ranking a website. If your site uses a responsive design, it will be ranked higher by Google. This ranking will boost your business’ online visibility, which, of course, means the more significant potential of making sales.

Improved user experience

You want your prospects and current customers to like your site. They’ll do this if they can easily access and use your website from a multiplicity of devices. If the client is in the office and opts to use a desktop, the site responds in kind.

If the same user is on the go and wants to check something on the site, the mobile device still works perfectly with your site. 

This kind of experience builds the user’s confidence and trust with your website.

With the diverse range of devices in use in Orange County, you can’t ignore the importance of having a responsive web design. Contact us now and let us design or redesign your website to accommodate devices across the board.

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