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Business Growth Tips: Growing Your Business with SEO

Business Growth Tips

Struggling with how to grow your business? We provide some business growth tips on how to grow your business with SEO and digital marketing services.

As a leader in digital marketing and SEO services in Orange County we know the digital marketing landscape and we know how to help you grow your business with SEO and digital marketing.

SEO can catapult your business growth by attracting leads. After obtaining the leads, the sales team directs them to your sales funnel to be converted into paying users.  Sometimes, leads stagnate or die. And the good? They can be revived.

How to Raise Dead Leads and Enhance Business Growth

Every entrepreneur desires growth in their business and leads— this is one of the top goals in most businesses. Lead and business growth are linked. They are inseparable; you won’t get business growth without lead, and vice-versa.

Lead and business growth has nothing to do with a sales person making calls as numerous startups think. This is an old model of doing business and might not work in this century.

Telemarketing was the real deal in the past, even though it is still in use today, it’s worth noting that a lot of communication is being done online.

At this digital age, smartphones and computers are used to communicate and access information online, all day, and any time.

To improve the pace at which your leads and business grow, your sales team should use both telephone and online communication. Online communication can be via email, social media or SEO.

Effects of SEO on Leads and Business Growth

Now, many companies already know that search engine optimization influences business growth. But the extent to which it does is still a mystery to may. To help you understand how SEO does that, here are some insights.

The internet and websites are filled with material that online users find useful. This allows users to find answers to their burning questions any time, since search engines are on 24/7.

The internet has millions of sites but not all of them appear on search results. Those that appear on search are the ones considered relevant and credible. 

To boil it down, online users go to the internet to find very specific information, not to wade through a whole load of irrelevant information. And this is where SEO comes in.

After you key-in your search term on the search box, Google SEO/bot starts collecting data from all the websites on the internet. 

The Google bots crawls sites and search for keywords that are similar or related to the one fed in the search box. Using a formula only understood by bots, Google SEO bot ranks selected web pages, which you’ll see on search results.

Today, companies have realized how significant it is to have their web pages rank in search results. Consequently, organizations have hired search engine marketers to ensure the job is done.

Significance of Ranking for Business Growth

People always want to find the right information as quickly as possible, whenever they need it.  

So they will go with results that appear on the first pages of the search results and assume the other pages. When you get right down to it, who is willing to click through multiple websites when their clock is ticking?

To appear among the top results and get high rankings, a website must optimize its site for search engines. 

That combined with professional online marketing can increase the number of visitors checking in at your website. This will potentially increase leads and new customers.

In addition to attracting leads who might be interested in your merchandise, or service, SEO can lead to a surge in traffic.

Not everyone understands SEO, and thus deciding when to start and how to start can be a formidable challenge. 

We took it upon ourselves to create a list of workable tactics that any SEO beginner can implement to improve their page rankings and improve their business.

Jot Down Meta Descriptions That Are Great

A Meta description is a one or two line brief that is visible on the clickable webpage. It gives a quick summary of what a particular page is all about.

Now, the Meta description has been stretched out from 160 to 300 characters. Anything longer than this is truncated, and that is something you should avoid.

Meta descriptions should be short and to the point since they are the best places to insert some of your keywords.

When writing the Meta description, put the web users shoe and answer the questions they may be asking when conducting web research—let your Meta description provide the answers to users’ questions.

Enhance the Speed of Your Website

Online users are fast people who like finding what they search for instantly. They don’t have the one or two seconds to sit and wait for a slow website to load. As a matter of fact, most of them will go to a different website that loads quickly.

How fast your website loads is also a key performance parameter used to rank sites. To improve the speed of your website, host your site with a reputable company, compress large images, and allow for caching.

Make Use of Keywords

Among the most employed SEO tactic is use of keywords. To start out, you need to access an internet search tool by opening a Google console account. 

This tool will help you search for industry specific phrases, or niche keywords you can use across your entire website.

For your keywords to rank highly in search engines, choose the less competitive phrases with low search volumes. Pick the right keywords to target by selecting the ones with lower search volumes, and far-reaching monthly searches.

Avoid using short, broad keywords loved by everybody else and instead use long-tailed keywords. By using long-tailed keywords, you increase the chances of your website getting ranked, which makes people more interested in it and they may be interested in your products and services with time.

Guest Post

Publish informational blog posts on other websites. Once your beautiful content is out there, it will probably get a lot of views and drive traffic to your website.

In case your post is pinned on an authority site within your industry, the reputation and credibility of your website will be boosted.

This attracts the attention of search engines, which in turn, repay your site with elevated search engine rankings.

Blog exchange is an ethical and it’s the recommended way to exchange site links.Guest posting should be mutual—where you publish a different person’s blog post on your website in exchange for them posting your blog post on their site.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Lately, users access information on their smartphones more than they do on their desktops and computers. Its general information that smartphones have smaller screen sizes than desktops.

Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will fit the screen size of a computer very well but will fit a phone screen snuggly or not fit at all. The end result is an ugly, tough to navigate website which mobile users have nothing on, but hate.

Of the things Google uses to rank websites include mobile responsiveness. And a site that appears skewed on mobile will rank poorly on search engines. 

By having a site that is search-engine friendly, you not only make search engines happy but you also stand a chance to increase your search engine rankings.

Optimize Images on Your Website

In most cases readers don’t have a problem seeing a website’s images. However, the same cannot be said of search engines and the visually impaired. The reason being, search engines are computers, and only understand numbers and texts. 

As with the blind, provide images that are clear; that will be read to them. To make your image visible to the search engines, utilize the “Alt” tag. In the space provided in the tag, describe your image; and don’t forget to insert a keyword!

Implementing an SEO strategy into your company’s site can potentially improve the business and leads. Though, tedious and time-consuming, with time you will notice significant improvements in your site ranking on the internet. 

These standard SEO practices make a good start for beginners and are easy to adopt. Despite that, it can be quite demanding to keep up as SEO isn’t a one-time thing. 

It calls for continuous maintenance and adjustments for many years. Since the formula used by robots to rank pages frequently changes, it’s substantial to observe your SEO strategiesand improve them accordingly.

Enlist Your Business in Google

Google My Business (GMB) is an excellent channel that allows your local business to enlist online. To use GMB to your benefit, you must “claim” your business.

GMB allows you to list your business information online. Data that can be listed on this platform include the company’s products, services, and business location. 

More items listed, all thanks to GBM: hours of operation, pictures, company address, link to the company’s website and reviews. Reviews are essential. Your target should be to trigger as many positive reviews as you can. 

As more people are conducting business online, reviews perform a fundamental role in gauging if someone should work with a company or make a purchase from a business. 

Lot of times, users transacting with an online store for the first time, will spontaneously read reviews about the company first.

SEO Expert Management is here to provide you with business growth through digital marketing services and SEO services.

We are a top rated digital marketing company in Orange County that is here to ensure your business is found in your target markets by utilizing SEO and digital marketing to get you in front of your target audience.

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