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Best Business Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound Marketing Strategies


Here we provide some of the best advice for the best inbound marketing strategies. Generating a quality lead for any business is crucial and the question now is how do you find a quality lead?

Well as we know aggressive outbound marketing has been around and has been shown to work but businesses now are finding increased success with generating leads with inbound marketing and inbound marketing strategies are now proving to be more successful.

The difference between outbound & inbound marketing

Outbound marketing is when you use methods such as cold calling, trade shows and even email marketing services. These marketing tactics can be considered invasive and should not be your only approach as your success rate on closing such a lead is much lower.

Inbound marketing lets people make a choice to come to you for a product or service, inbound marketing attracts people who are already interested and looking for your type of service or product and thus

Contacting you?

they would like to contact and hear from you. Inbound marketing can help you attract a better qualified lead and capture a potential buyer much easier than outbound marketing. A recent study has shown that inbound marketing generates roughly 52% more leads than traditional outbound marketing strategies.

Inbound marketing strategies can look something like these points:

  1. Setting up your website with the right keywords so that your business shows up online within search results (Search Engine Optimization or SEO)
  2. Creating high quality and value blogs or email marketing content for your potential clients to view and read.
  3. Promoting your marketing content on social media and other forums.

Inbound marketing can take many forms but the main focus of inbound marketing is digital and ultimately creates long lasting results for your business. Inbound marketing should draw your consumers to your business in order to drive traffic to your website or social media pages so you can generate a lead.


Once a prospect has landed on your website the next step is capturing them as a lead and convert them into a buyer. Optimizing your website to capture a lead is KEY.

Add a contact form to your website

This is the easiest way to capture a person contact information to generate a lead and a conversation about your products and services that you offer. This method also gets the consumer to stay on your website longer and review your products and services. One helpful tip we have found is leaving the contact number off as this causes around a 4% decrease in conversion rates.

Using a call to action button

Attractive call to actions are enticing and help guide a visitor to take that next step with your company. This method should nudge the prospect to take action now, giving them an attractive method to take action right away with you or your services or products, sign up, get started, learn more are great call to actions to nudge a prospect.

Provide an incentive

Most people visiting your site are probably interested thus providing a little incentive always helps, something of value in exchange for their contact information, a small discount, a free e-book or a newsletter. This helps an exchange for their information feel fair and a great incentive for the prospect and also this can establish credibility up front.

When it comes to inbound marketing strategies we have you well taken care of, contact us now for a consultation and lets see how we can help get you more leads and online exposure.

We will come up with an inbound marketing plan to fit your business growth needs, lets get going and give your business the exposure you deserve.

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