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2020 Must Know SEO Trends: Get Better Rankings

2020 SEO Trends

2020 SEO Trends You Need to Know

6 Powerful SEO Trends for 2020 Digital Marketing

It may seem impossible to catch up with the constantly-changing SEO trends and the stiff competition posed by several websites being launched daily. Furthermore, search engines expect sites to meet particular requirements to remain relevant in the competitive world. 

staying up to date on the SEO trends could be your savior in 2020, and you need to update yourself with its trends before your competitors grasp them. Here are SEO trends to implement in 2020.

Video Optimization

Video content is the new king of digital marketing, and it’s not surprising that more than 70% of internet users prefer videos over other content types. Why not tap into this 2020 SEO trend when marketing your business?

Create videos that will grab the attention of your target audience and trigger them to take action. Even as you upload your videos on YouTube, be sure to embed them in your blog posts. Also, optimize your video descriptions with appropriate keywords to increase their visibility.

Optimizing for Voice Search

Internet users are increasingly using voice assistants to surf the web on their smartphones and laptops. Voice searches are also being done on smart systems such as Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, and Google Home, whose usage is projected to rise in 2020.

How can you adapt to these 2020 SEO trends? Think about the long-tail keywords that your target audience is likely to use when speaking their search queries and then provide clear answers to these queries via videos or written content.


Google is expected to pay more attention to the E-A-T(Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) and reputation of a company and its content publishers. It’s becoming harder for websites marred with poor customer reviews, security issues, and a bad reputation to compete with authoritative sites.

In 2020, you ought to pay close attention to the quality of the content published on your site and the trustworthiness of your authors. Ensure that the author’s bios give readers a reason to trust the author’s opinion. Moreover, create great content that makes it worth for authoritative sites to mention and link to your site.

Featured Snippets 

You must have noted something interesting about the results for your queries on Google. A section with the most relevant answer appears above the first regular result. The “position 0” is known as a featured snippet, and it’s a feature you should not underestimate in your 2020’ journey to more traffic.

Implement SEO techniques that optimize your site for the featured snippet section. The trick is to identify the frequent queries on your website and provide relevant and precise answers. Featured snippets can help you gain massive traffic even if your site does not rank so high on SERPs. 

Mobile SEO

    Undoubtedly, mobile SEO will be a hot topic in 2020. Although the subject has been present for several years, it’s evident that going mobile has become a survival strategy for most websites. It’s no surprise that search engines are prioritizing sites optimized for and compatible with mobile devices.

    You can’t wait any longer if your website is not mobile-optimized and mobile-friendly. Build a website for mobiles first, and then make it compatible with desktops so that you won’t have to optimize your site’s speed. Be sure to analyze real mobile search results to come up with an optimization that guarantees excellent results.

    Customer-focused Content

    The emphasis on customer-focused content and long-tail keywords will be more significant in 2020, with search engines being expected to reward long-form, information-packed content with better rankings. Unquestionably, creating high-quality and informative content will be critical for more organic traffic and website popularity in 2020.

    Users visit webpages to get their queries answered, and it’s time you structure your content, whether blog posts, videos, or podcasts, towards this trend. Valuable content is what distinguishes an authoritative site from the less popular websites. So, be keen on providing your website visitors with educational and relevant content while avoiding being too salesy.

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    If the year 2019 was not great for your rankings, you now have an excellent opportunity to turn things around with these 2020 SEO trends. Search engines are now paying more attention to websites that are focused on helping internet users.

    In this regard, work on your content quality, optimize your site for mobile and featured snippets, and deliver informative videos to gain more from your websites exposure and this will help you rank higher in search results.

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