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Pay Per Click Explained in 6 Steps

Whether you are just curious about PPC (Pay Per Click) or looking to implement PPC in your business, here’s the right place for you. Although quite complex, Pay Per Click remains the most common digital marketing method as it allows companies to quickly drive more traffic into their website and grow their conversions. Here’s what you need to know about PPC.

What is Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click is a digital marketing model in which you pay a fee when an internet user clicks on your ads. You buy traffic, rather than gaining it organically through the known SEO strategies. Note that you don’t pay for the ad placement or impression, but any click generated by the advert. 

The emphasis on correct PPC strategies is based on the fact that PPC can generate a huge amount of profit whereby a visit becomes much worthy compared to the fee paid. For example, if you spend $2 for a click that generates $200 in sales, you’ve already made an enormous profit. 

Contrarily, a poorly done Pay-Per-Click campaign has low returns and could be a quick way to lose your valuable money. Nevertheless, patience is essential when running such campaigns, provided you’ve done the right thing.

Types of PPC Ads

Text Ads

A text ad is marketing copy written by an advertiser. The character limit and format depend on the PPC platform you are using, whether Google Ads, Amazon Marketing, or Microsoft Marketing. Your text adverts are triggered when Bing or Google users search for particular keywords you incorporate in your PPC campaign.

A typical Google Ad text consists of a headline, the description, and a display URL. Best practices that distinguish a successful ad text are creating compelling ad copies and designing a dedicated landing page. Also, be sure to include relevant path fields(one or two words that show after your URL and serve to give the user an idea of where the ad will take them).

Display Ads

Display ads are shown in image or motion graphic form and require advertisers to comply with the content and size requirements of their preferred Pay Per Click platforms. Display ads, also known as banner ads, usually are placed in sites where the advertiser’s target audience visits.

To create high-quality display ads, use clear and relevant images or videos. You also want to incorporate colors that represent your brand well and trigger good emotions. Besides, your copy should be readable and well-contrasted with the background. A vivid logo and a call-to-action(CTA) are statutory requirements for winning banner ads.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads appear upon a query for a product on a search engine. Typically, shopping ads contain a high-quality image and price of the product as well as specifications such as the color, dimensions, and size. It’s also a wise idea to mention any promotion you are running in your shopping ads to lure internet users into your landing page.

PPC Keyword Selection 

The most difficult but critical aspect of building a PPC campaign is finding the relevant keywords. Keywords form the foundation of your Pay Per Click ads. With thorough keyword research, it becomes easy to land highly relevant, high-value, low-cost, and long-tail keywords that can drive massive traffic to your site.

You should bid on keywords that are closely related to your offers for high Pay Per Click click-through rate, cost-effective CPC, and higher profits. Also, be sure to include long-tail keywords as they allow for specificity besides being proved to drive most of the search-generated traffic. It’s also best to continually grow and refine your keyword list.

How does PPC Benefit Your Business?

The most significant advantage of Pay Per Click ads is that they can get you at the top of SERPs quickly, something quite impossible with organic SEO strategies. Undoubtedly, a well-managed PPC campaign is an effective method for stimulating quick traffic and conversion growth. 

Something else worth mentioning about PPC marketing is that it’s easy to track the ads’ performance and make the necessary adjustments, including removing non-performing ads.

Hire us for Pay Per Click Management Services

Undeniably, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing remains the best option for businesses looking for quick and measurable results in regards to click-through rate, traffic, and conversions. When done right, PPC can earn impressive profits that can push your business to higher levels. 

Be sure to reread the guide to grasp the different types of PPC ads and their best practices, as well as what you should pay attention to when selecting your keywords. Contact us for a Pay Per Click consultation now.

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