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8 Things to Consider Before You Hire an SEO Consultant

Finding the right SEO consultant to partner with is key in today’s highly competitive market. The longer you wait on getting the visibility you need for your business the more the competition is taking your clients and your income potential from you.

Below is a few key elements you will need to know before hiring an SEO consultant for your business to get found online and for you to have success with your online marketing efforts.

Does The Professional SEO consultant offer packages to fit all types of industries?

When a SEO expert offers packages for Search Engine Optimization services this shows that they are well educated and know that one size solution does not fit every businesses needs. Niches and markets are not the same for every industry and therefore a one size fits all approach does not work.

What happens is a client that needs more than just on-site work or citation building with a one size fits all approach probably is not getting the right service based on price, time invested on your campaign and so on.

Does the SEO expert provide estimates?

Websites are on different platforms and in various states of health as far as coding, metadata and content needs and various social media channels may or may not exist. off-page optimization and other internet properties should be considered when reviewing your online marketing needs and providing a proper estimate is key to your success.

Outsourcing (ensure the SEO consultant is doing the work)

Be sure that you know exactly who your SEO consultant will be and that they are providing you with the service and not outsourcing. Cheap SEO is may look nice but it is not beneficial to you as it will be with someone that knows your market and what is needed to get you found online. It can be a very long and expensive road to take if this is outsourced and your business gets into the hands of a black hat SEO person.

Keyword Optimization

This is a key part of any SEO strategy because these terms are the way in which Google search engine spiders crawl and deliver the most accurate search results for your business. Your Google page rank will be determined with a few factors but the most important is correct keywords being used. We will make suggestions based on our findings during our preliminary keyword research for your campaign.

Guarantees (not at all possible with organic SEO)

Any SEO consultant that offers guaranteed positions is not providing you with true SEO services and is doing black hat SEO and this will hurt your business long term. Google’s algorithm is very complex and smart when crawling your website and while our SEO consultants know the ways in which it works it is impossible to predict exactly how your website will perform and when Google will index your website fully. We will be transparent and give it to you in the most accurate fashion that we can.

When Is The Best Time To Make A Decision?

Only you can answer this question based on your current situation however as far as search engine optimization is concerned every day counts when you are not being found online by your potential customers.

Time is the biggest factor and is the reason that websites that are found at the top of Google’s first page are so difficult to jump ahead of if they are utilizing SEO services right now. This is why it is important that your next hiring of a SEO expert is the right one.

backLinking Strategies

Your search engine optimization consultant should have a strategy for a linking building campaign. Ranking high for keyword terms is one excellent but maintaining and improving rank and increasing traffic requires solid inbound linking and backlinks as well.

Your SEO expert should provide a baseline report of the current links within your website and detailed proposals to significantly and consistently improve it on the links to your website that go along with helping your Google page rank overall.

Online marketing is an Investment for your business not a cost

Be sure to do your due diligence in selecting your SEO expert and beware of low priced packages or offers for your SEO service needs. Correcting the mistakes of bad SEO consultants can be extremely time-consuming and expensive.

There is a large amount of time and work in planning and running a successful SEO strategy. Find a consultant that has a proven track record to rank and produce results and expect to compensate them appropriately. This will lead to a win for you and your business when it comes to more exposure and sales.

What Does an SEO Consultant do?

Utilize the information provided above as a starting point for your evaluation of search engine optimization and finding the right SEO marketing consultant.

This information should help in the selection process and set you in the right direction with your online marketing efforts and increase the rankings and presence of your business website.

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