Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO

How to understand search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is the full meaning of the acronym SEO and it simply means getting your website as perfectly ranked as possible through thorough understanding of respective search engines – more often than not we talk about Google.

Every man wants to succeed in whatever they do and to achieve that they try different methods or strategies.

People make their business known daily through a plethora of ways such as; advertising in prints or electronically and other not so affordable means such as TV, radio or paid ads. Since not everybody can afford such methods, it makes sense to look for an organic solution to the problem.

One of the cheaper and fair options to advertise ones business is through search engine optimization. Through this way, special techniques are used on the pages of a website that have to do with attractive contents and keywords.

Thus, when you search for information with that specific keyword – the properly optimised website will appear at the top of the page, thereby outranking the competition.

This is synonymous to business growth and often sales, since people will click (and trust) the website that appears on top and seems more up-to-date.


There are basically two forms of SEO:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black SEO

WHITE HAT SEO is genuine and ethical. It’s the only accepted way of generating traffic for a website. In this form of SEO, Google lays down the rules, and these better be adhered to if we are after actual results. This method requires effort and time.

In the long run you will get positive results which will be increasing daily for the foreseeable future and as long as you are consistent in your endeavors.

Many self –acclaimed SEO experts make use of crooked and what most may label as unethical ways to advertise a website. Using this method a website may reach the top of a search page within a short time and little effort.

But this will not last long as web crawlers will catch up with that website and ban them permanently. Such type of optimization is known as BLACK HAT SEO.

Guidelines for attaining good SEO results:

  • Use a domain name that is relevant to your business and niche.
  • Never use the same set of keywords on diverse pages of a website.
  • Desist from stuffing keywords in your articles.
  • Always use good quality content (ie. Valuable and informative)
  • Title of a page should be all-inclusive.
  • Landing page description should be attractive with suitable keywords.
  • Update website from time to time and use quality video which is assigned greater weight.
  • Back link should not be less than PR 2.
  • Social book marking and article submission is a fast way of getting results

working on the above listed methods will bring amazing results within the shortest time.

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