SEO Trends In 2016

SEO Trends In 2016

Best SEO Trends

Following the SEO trends and updates is extremely important if you want to keep your business relevant to the search engines. SEO is continually becoming one of the most effective fuels of digital marketing.

Thus, it’s highly important to keep updated on SEO trends and about the ever evolving world of SEO.

The era of real time: Penguin 4.0

The last Penguin update of Google was made on October 17, 2014. Search Engine Land reports that we must expect real-time changes on the next Penguin updated.

This real-time part of SEO trends only means that as soon as Google detects bad or good links on your site, their algorithm will immediately begin analyzing those.

This could lead to big, big changes in the current SEO ranking. In fact, some websites have already felt the start of the changes as of this moment.

Time to index your apps: Mobile SEO trend

Due to the rising number of daily mobile users, the need for mobile SEO tactics has been a must. Web masters should ensure that their actual apps and internal apps screens are fully indexed to avoid lagging behind this whole new mobile SEO trend.

Speed is the New King

Google wants nothing but the best for the web surfers around the world. And every internet user wants nothing but speed. Thus, Googlebot is now going to support HTTP/2 this year.

This is a whole new technology that can promote speed boost to websites, enabling a better user experience.

Structured Data Markup

This is starting to become a must do this year. is the result of the concerted effort of the leading search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Yandex, and Bing.

It’s basically made to give the exact information that search engine needs in order to understand the contents well, bringing users the best search results there are.

When a Schema markup is added to your HTML, it can really enhance the way your page is shown on the SERPs. It improves the rich snippets displayed beneath the page title.

Its efficacy isn’t 100% proven yet. However, major changes are starting to appear, showing a boost in the click through rate of those pages integrating this technology.

We never know what the exact changes are going to be this 2016. However, we should always be vigilant on what’s possibly going to happen to keep walking on the right SEO track and keeping up with all of the SEO trends. 

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