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Find the right SEO company to help with your digital marketing needs with our help. The Internet now days is getting very crowded.  If you search Google for a keyword “internet marketing”, you will find over 125 million results.

Since over 75% of people do not click past page one of search engine results, it’s imperative that anyone who wants to be seen online has to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the best SEO company in Orange County. SEO Expert Management can help your business get found on the first page of Google with search engine optimization services.

google-seoHow Our SEO Company Can Help

SEO is the process of increasing your website’s rankings by making your site more search friendly to the search engines. This will in turn give you a lot more exposure to potential clients looking for your product or services online. What specifically does Google find attractive? Forget about those things like gorgeous design or flashy videos. Although your online visitors might enjoy those things, Google is only interested in your website if it is filled with good structure, coding, content and links. That is exactly where our Seo services will come in. We know the best way to get your website into the best shape so that the search engines find it utterly irresistible & index your website & get you found online fast. As a result of SEO, you have the opportunity to improve your online visibility, traffic, leads, and inevitably, sales. However first you need some rankings on the first page of the search engines to accomplish this task and this is where our SEO company can help.

How do search engines rank pages?

The search engines send out “spiders” or crawlers to your site to check for different items on your site. This ensures your website is what they are looking for when people search for specific keywords thus indexing your website on the first page of the search engines.

How do we get your site to the top of the search engine results?

Our proven campaigns center on determining the most critical search terms and optimizing from the beginning of the creative process through the final submission to the search engines for indexing of your website.

1. Develop Outstanding Content

Content is king with search engines. To rank highly under any term, a site must have quality content and a good amount of relevant content about the subject targeted. It is not enough to have keywords, the content must match the keywords. For instance, if you are promoting carpet cleaning, a site must have a great deal of valuable content about carpet cleaning.

2. Program in Clean Code that is Easy for the Robots/Spiders to Scan

Clean coding leads to search engine spiders & robots easily entering and evaluating the website. The easier it can be indexed, the faster a site can rise to the top of the search engines in rankings.

3. Develop a Strong Network of Sites Linking In to Your Site

Google is the most successful search engine due to its determining that the value of a site is made up not by just the content and outbound links. The value of the site is based on who links to a site and the value of those sites as well.

4. Page Titles and Descriptions

Page titles and descriptions are the best way to rank highly. Each page should have a clear, conversational, title and relevant description. The title should be no more than 100 characters and description no more than 250 characters.

5. Provide Relevant Keywords for Each Page

Keywords are the first step for a search engine to evaluate a site. They must be relevant to the content on that page. Keyword stuffing, the process of adding a lot of keywords that are not relevant negatively affects search rankings. Typically the first 250 characters of keywords are reviewed, but up to 900 characters is acceptable. This leads back to content is KING, you get better rankings in the search engines with fresh content that makes sense and has keywords that are relevant to what your target audience would search to find YOU.

6. Ensure that Your Site is Well Linked Internally (deep-linking)

Text links are a key way to lead a search engine’s robots and spiders through the site. If a keyword is relevant to another section of the site, it should be linked to that section. This helps build your on site linking and helps index pages for better ranking on the search engines.

7. Provide Descriptive Names and Alt Text for Photos

Search engines don’t just search for text, naming photos and providing alt text will help a search engine get a full view of a website.

8. Efficient Site Map

Providing a sitemap that is easily indexed will help search engines quickly scan a website and rank the website as needed within the search engines.

9. Proper Search Engine Optimization

Search engines look for a large number of characteristics when indexing a site including when it was last updated, traffic, hosting and much more when determining the final ranking of a website. While these variables are important, the most valuable is always derived by having great content.

Contact us today & let us help you with all of your Search Engine Optimization needs when it comes to getting your website found online. Seo Expert Management in Orange County can help your business rank on the first page of the search engines and we can help you gain more online exposure.

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