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4 Things Businesses Need to Know about SEO and Web Design Services

SEO and web design work hand in hand now days and finding the right Orange County web design company can be difficult keeping these two aspects in mind. SEO Expert Management is experts in seo web design services and we can help you design a website that is SEO friendly so that you can get found online by the right customer looking for your services.

We provide professional web design services in Orange County & we will make sure that your website is designed with SEO in mind. This is where many web designers and developers fail to realize how important SEO is when designing a website for clients.

To help you become aware of how important it is that SEO and web design work together right from the start, here are several things you need to know:

Data and SEO

Data is a huge factor for SEO. Information from Google Analytics and Webmaster tools are crucial. The pieces of information from these tools allow you to make informed decisions when implementing SEO in your business’ web design and development phase. Without data from these tools, you will find it hard to rank your website in search.

Keywords will remain relevant

Keywords will continue to drive the way websites are being ranked in search and the way it acquires traffic. After all, how else will people find your business if not through those few words they type in the search box? Keywords guide customers in finding you.

During the design and development phase of your website, it is important that the keywords that your business is optimizing for should already be incorporated.

SEO will always be about user experience

Web designers and developers have a lot of control over user experience, which happens to be what search engine optimization is all about.

Great user experience is a very important and key metric in determining how a website is ranked. This is why it’s important that a website loads fast, is very easy to navigate and populated with relevant and useful content pieces. The images, too, must contain SEO elements such as keyword-optimized file names and alt tags.

With all these in place, users will find your website more engaging, more relevant and more useful, making them stick longer, which is good for your site’s bounce rate – another key metric in ranking.

Intelligent diversification of anchor texts

You should also know that the use of keywords for anchor texts no longer work they way they did in the past. Anchor texts are still important, but there’s a new set of guidelines for this that would make them valuable. Anchor texts now need to be diversified.

The following are recommended ways for diversifying anchor texts to make them Google compliant:

  • Keywords must use variations
  • Use naked links when pointing users to another page
  • Use “Click here”, “This link”, etc. to diversify your anchor texts

The above are only some of the best practices for integrating SEO with web design and development for your business in 2015 and beyond. There are more SEO and web design & development tips to come, especially as Google fully rolls out their upcoming updates.

We can help your Orange County business reach its potential with proper local SEO and web design & development. Call us today at (949) 212-2799.

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