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3 Perfect Product Pages

Product pages are worthy of your time and effort when trying to compete in the battle for conversions. 

When done well a properly setup product page will do its part in convincing consumers to follow calls-to-action like, “add to cart” or “checkout now.” The alternative is prospective buyers leaving because there wasn’t enough information to make a purchasing decision. 


In an effort to help online merchants decide the must-have elements of their product pages, SEO Expert Management has provided you with the top five crucial product page elements. To be included, the product pages must include high-quality photos, shipping or return fees/policies, unique product descriptions, customer review options and of course must be mobile-friendly. This will help you in your E-commerce product page setup and this will help you generate the much needed sale you deserve to have as an E-commerce based business. If you have any questions or need any online marketing services feel free to contact us directly to help with your online marketing needs. 


Social Media Marketing Crash Course


Social Media Marketing is an essential component in today’s digital marketing world.

In order to be effective in social media marketing online marketing needs to be much more than just measuring things such as likes and follows. Rather, they need to spend time optimizing their profiles, posting engaging content and monitoring the true performance of the content they post. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your social marketing initiatives, review this quick crash course on social media marketing campaigns.

Be Descriptive

If you want your brand to be found in the social search results, it is imperative that you fill out important details on social profiles, such as address, category, description and bio. In doing so, your page is more likely to be found when someone conducts a relevant search.

This is particularly true on Facebook, as the social network’s graph search feature enables users to search phrases.

Filling out your description info is equally important across social networks, including Google+, PinterestTwitter and Instagram. Not only will having a complete profile increase visibility on these sites, but it also makes consumers more likely to follow you.



Search Engine Optimization

Only the strong will survive in todays SEO marketing and SEO Expert Management is here to help you drive your website to the top of the search engines with search engine optimization strategies that no other online marketing company out there uses today. With us you have the most skilled and experienced SEO Experts on your side helping you brand your business through online marketing. We are the number one SEO company in Orange County and we are here to help you drive traffic to your website and generate leads. Turn leads into sales with our top of the line SEO service that we are able to provide for any type of business that needs online marketing assistance. 




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