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Wordpress Website Design

Wordpress Website Design

Why WordPress is Right for Your Orange County Business


These days Wordpress is the top website platform to build a custom website on using Wordpress, however there are still tons of blogging platforms and websites you can choose from for your business website. Platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, Tumblr, and Google’s very own Blogger all provide free service and user-friendly features. Wordpress however stands out! a WordPress website that is designed custom for your business has a modern feel and allows your business to stand out online for potential customers viewing pleasure is much better long term. It is now the most widely used for its extremely user-friendly features and versatility. Nearly one post is published every second in WordPress.


If your business isn’t using WordPress, the following are some of the most compelling reasons why you should develop a website based on it.

Open source and customizable

WordPress is a self-hosted content management system (CMS). Because of this implementing and managing it involve very little cost. It can be downloaded, installed, and upgraded for free. And because it is open source, you can easily customize it on the source level according to your very specific needs. There are virtually unlimited way to customize it even more with the hundreds of plugins and extensions that are available for free. There are plugins for multimedia files, contact forms, slideshows, and social sharing. With all the plugins, your WordPress website becomes even more flexible and versatile.

Easy to use even for beginners

WordPress isn’t built just for developers with advanced programming skills. The idea behind WordPress is to create a platform from which virtually anyone, even beginners, can create a full-feature website. WordPress, therefore, is extremely user-friendly. The most user-friendly platform, in fact. With a business website built around WordPress, you can easily run and manage your business online. You can easily tweak it, update it and add widgets to make it function the way you want it to. And you can do all of these even without any user manual.

The most widely used and popular platform

Today, over 20% of websites are built around WordPress. It is the most popular and widely-used platform for blogging and e-commerce. And because it is the most widely used CMS, it requires very little training to get a developer to implement and manage it. It’s also very easy to get a beginner to learn it.

Cheap to setup and maintain

One of the biggest reasons why WordPress has grown to become so popular is because of its low setup and maintenance costs. Experts agree that building a website around this platform and managing it is a lot cheaper than setting up and maintaining other CMS platforms. Also, because the use of WordPress is so widespread, finding designers and developers to build, upgrade or customize a website built around it is very easy.

We can help set up a WordPress website for your business. For more information on our Web Development service, call 949-212-2799.

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Wordpress Website Design Company

Wordpress Website Design Company

Seo Expert Management is a Wordpress website design company in Orange County providing business owners with a custom Wordpress website for their business. The Wordpress website design process with us begins by joining between one of our web designers and your business to come up with a design and theme for your website. The web designer will help come up with the requirements of your web design needs, based on the goals of your business and functional needs of your Wordpress website. You will receive a proposal and design will begin upon your acceptance of the design and web development plan for your new custom Wordpress website.

Our website design concepts are shaped and refined to create a custom website design targeted to your specific needs. At several points in the website designing process, proofs are sent for your review. Our Wordpress web design company has several points along the path in the web development process to ensure we are on the same page. These proofs are then brought to life with the technical aspects of the web development process we provide you with.

Custom WordPress Web Design Service

Seo Expert Management has helped many startups, managers and professionals turn their dreams into reality by creating and presenting their brands to millions of online users and customers. We are a team of website design professionals that understand how to design and optimize your online marketing presence with a custom Wordpress website designed by our team.

Get a fully customized WordPress theme based on your specific requirements!

We create custom WordPress themes with individual graphics, menus and layouts, as well as blog designs and themes for other CMS platforms, we do it all. Providing you with an experience like no other with our Wordpress website design experts.


custom wordpress designWordPress is very user friendly. The powerful and well developed administrative interface lets you add new pages or edit current content without worrying about coding, programming or any previous technical knowledge. Not only does this dramatically decrease your website maintenance costs but it also allows you to manage your website by spending only a few minutes out of the day. WordPress is a well developed platform with a plug-in for anything! that add various functional components within a short time.


seo-imageIt is important to have your website properly built and search engine optimized. Each page and post is created with an optimized title, description and list of keywords. The blogs can also be tagged with keywords. From generating SEO-friendly URLs to XML site maps, there is a free plug-in for all your PR and marketing needs with a custom wordpress website. Allow Seo Expert Management to build your custom wordpress website and start growing your online exposure and selling more today!

 To get a detailed quote for your website design please CLICK HERE

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